Arts preview: 'Brain'

Jim Fischer
Columbus Alive

You might think your brain could never come up with the imaginative kinds of immersive installations that tech art collective OBLSK creates, but “Brain” invites you to be a part of this one.

OBLSK not only allows viewers to become immersed in “Brain” visually, sonically and, to a certain degree, tactilely, but also to help create, or at least curate, the experience. Once inside the installation, viewers will be asked to wear an EEG monitor and to lie down on a bellows that is attached to a set of pipes that will create sound in the same way a pipe organ does. As the EEG tracks brainwaves, the projected images will change in response.

“We're really curious to see if we can help people generate certain states through this environment, by either reinforcing or disrupting a person's brain wave state,” said OBLSK member Pelham Johnston.

“The whole show is going to be an experiment, and we're learning what it's going to do,” Eve Warnock said.

“Brain” is the work of OBLSK artists Johnston, Warnock, Stacie Sells and Marque Reavley, with help from Live Technologies and the Jubilee Museum in Franklinton. And you.

6-9 p.m. Thursday, March 7

162 N. 6th St., Downtown