Poet's Corner: 'Do the Thing'

Ty Williams

Get fatigued. Worry about that stuff.

Schedule the time. Make the plans.

Go to the place. Be in the moment.

Take a challenge. Be in the moment.

Breathe in the myth of summer.

Take the photos. Remember.

Remember. Buy the outfit. Try that

food. Talk to a stranger. Remember

this feeling. Make a promise. Make love

On the balcony like lusty coeds

Make a promise. Don't let it go stale.

Hug your kids more. When you

get back, start exercising regularly.

Mutually agree to eat more coconut.

You can put it in practically everything.

Shake the sand off. Make a promise.

When you get back, reminisce. This time

Yesterday, our toes were in the ocean.

This time last week, we had a coconut

Drink for breakfast. This time last month--

You should start exercising more.

Focus your breathing on the myth of summer.

Tell them about the coconut drink you

had last year. Let it wash over you. Why

am I always yelling? Let the darkness

pull you in. Give in. You're a good

person. Get up. Do it again. You're

doing the right thing. Remember who

you once were when you weren't home.

Remember who you wanted to be

When you got back home. You're doing

The responsible thing.