A/An (adjective) Mad Lib to help (name someone from Columbus) prepare for WHATYOUWILL8

Andy Downing
Mad Lib

If you’re not (name something you love doing on weekends), you should check out WHATYOUWILL8: An Improvised Experience!

The (adjective) festival, which takes place Friday and Saturday, Sept. 27 and 28, at Filament at the Vanderelli Room, will be the (adjective) time that you and (name someone you know) have ever experienced. And you don’t even have to (name a mode of transportation) to (name your favorite city) to see it!

WHATYOUWILL features improvisers from around the Midwest, but not (name a foreign country), mainly because organizers didn’t have enough (plural noun) to cover the cost of travel. Even if they traveled by (name another mode of transportation)!

Either way, we’re sure it’ll be a (adjective) experience for all involved. Except for (name your enemy), because they’re obviously going to be too busy (name your least favorite task) while listening to (name your least favorite song) on repeat.

And it’s more than music! In addition to dozens of musicians banging away on the (name an instrument), WHATYOUWILL also features visual artists, performance artists, movement artists and even a (name the career you wanted to pursue as a kid). OK, so maybe that last one was a lie. So (name a form of punishment) me!

Regardless, you’re sure to have a (adjective) time at Filament this weekend. Just don’t forget to wash your (name a part of the body) afterwards. No one in the office wants to pick up the scent of (name something stinky) when you return to work at (name a business you frequent) on Monday after sweating your (name another part of the body) off among equally free-spirited folks for three days!

Filament at the Vanderelli Room

218 E. McDowell St., Franklinton

9 p.m. Friday, Sept. 27; 10 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 28