Sorry, PETA: 'Killer Raccoons! 2!' finally hits the big screen

Andy Downing
A dead raccoon in toddler pajamas

Roughly two years ago, I had the surreal experience of standing in the backyard of Travis Irvine’s childhood home in Bexley as he attempted to stretch toddler pajamas around a dead, frozen raccoon, which led to one of the, uh, more memorable passages I’ve written in my time with Alive.

Wrapped in plastic shopping bags, the critters initially resembled a row of frozen turkeys, a placid visual that quickly dissipated as Irvine unsealed the bags, revealing a team of mangy, matted raccoons, each curled in the fetal position, mouth at a grimace. Most had a paw raised to the eyes, as if shielding themselves from bright sun. “This is what they look like when they know they’re going to die,” he said.

Irvine’s plan is to thaw the raccoons enough that they’re pliable. He can then position them like they’re typing on computer keyboards or holding automatic weapons before refreezing them for filming. Oh, and the raccoons, which were procured from the same Delaware pest-control company as the first film, will also be decked out in infant Christmas pajamas, owing to the movie’s seasonal theme. Costuming them in their still-frozen state, however, proved difficult. “It’s like trying to dress a child,” said a gloved Irvine as he attempted to stretch an elf onesie over a balled-up raccoon. (Continue reading here)

Following production delays and a long stretch where Irvine doubted the movie would ever be completed, “Killer Raccoons! 2!,” a holiday action flick that takes place partly on a train (think “Die Hard” meets The Polar Express), is finally ready to make its Columbus debut with an 11 p.m. screening at Clintonville’s Studio 35 on Friday, Nov. 29. Additional local screenings are set to take place on Dec. 13, again at Studio 35, and on Dec. 17 at Up Front at ShadowBox Live in the Brewery District, with screenings taking place nationwide through December.

Visit the official site for a full list of showings and check out the official trailer below.

Killer Raccoons! 2! - Official Trailer from Travis Irvine on Vimeo.