Staff Pick: Gramercy Books boasts 'A Night of Humor' with McSweeney's satirists

Andy Downing
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Lord Byron once wrote, “Fools are my theme, let satire be my song.”

Surveying the current political and social landscape, one imagines his lungs and/or singing voice would quickly give out living in this era. Fortunately McSweeney’s employs a team of humorists adept at skewing the status quo, a smattering of whom, including Riane Konc, Brooke Preston, Harmony Cox and Sara Given, will be on hand at Gramercy Books in Bexley for “A Night of Humor,” on Wednesday, Jan. 15.

The visiting writers are just some of those featured in Keep Scrolling Till You Feel Something: 21 Years of Humor from McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, an anthology that compiles some of the best work produced by the Dave Eggers-founded online publisher. This includes Lucy Huber’s “Please Forgive Us at Blue Apron for This Week’s Meals. We’ve Been Having a Tough Time Lately” (daily recipes include "Scrambled Eggs," complete with a wine pairing, and  “Rolled Up Deli Turkey With Various Fridge Condiments”) and “I Don’t Hate Women Candidates — I Just Hated Hillary and Coincidentally I’m Starting to Hate Elizabeth Warren” by Devorah Blachor, which includes this wonderfully layered passage: “I’m no fan of Trump, but that Elizabeth Warren is such a phony. That’s a thought, and thoughts are true, and I will never examine how that thought got into my head.”

Attendees should expect some mix of insight and laughter, both of which, frankly, we could all use more of these days.

7 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 15

2424 E. Main St., Bexley

“A Night of Humor” at Gramercy Books