Staff Pick: Score original art for $100 during Wild Art Columbus

Andy Downing
"Lift Off"

Each year, Wild Goose Creative holds Wild Art Columbus, a one-night-only sale during which both established and up-and-coming local artists offer pieces starting at just $100.

This year, the event has been moved online amid coronavirus concerns, and will take part in a private Facebook group from 6-9 p.m. on Thursday, May 28. Anyone interested in bidding on the art needs to join the group prior to the start of the event.

Each available work will be posted to the group's Facebook wall, and the first person to comment "SOLD" will be able to purchase the piece for $100. The dealing doesn't end there, however. Anyone can then comment "TRUMP" on a sold work, which will increase the bid in $100 increments. (So the first TRUMP-er agrees to pay $200 for the piece, the second $300 and so on until the auction closes.)

Proceeds are split 50-50 between the artist and Wild Goose, making this the first time that anything associated with the word "TRUMP" will be in any way a boon to the arts.