Daily Distraction: Spend time in Noname's 'Rainforest'

The musician's new song stands up to anything in her increasingly rich catalog

Andy Downing
Columbus Alive
Noname "Rainforest" art

After releasing new single "Rainforest," Chicago singer/rapper Noname announced that she wouldn't be selling merchandise, instead requesting donations to Noname Book Club, an online organization she founded to uplift writers of color and to donate books to the incarcerated. 

The track, which stands up to anything in Noname's increasingly rich catalog, projects a similarly anti-capitalist philosophy. On it, the musician bemoans the damage done to the planet in the name of profit, coming off like a millennial Lorax. "Only animal that ravage everything in its path," she raps. "They turned a natural resource into a bundle of cash."

Give the song a listen below.