Daily Distraction: Let Beth Harmon judge your every move

Starring as Harmon in 'The Queen's Gambit,' Anya Taylor-Joy dismantled chess opponents of all skill levels, and now you're next

Andy Downing
Columbus Alive
"The Queen's Gambit"

Starring as Beth Harmon in "The Queen's Gambit," Anya Taylor-Joy dismantled chess opponents of all ages and skill levels, from high schoolers right up through top-ranked Russian Grand Masters.

Now, thanks to "The Kilobytes Gambit," game players can have a similar experience to those bested foes, attempting to formulate chess moves under the withering gaze of Taylor-Joy's Harmon (or at least a lo-fi, digitized version of the prodigy).

In my first attempt, I managed about a dozen moves before folding, which probably ranks me among the lower half of the high school chess team she wrecked one-by-one in a group setting. Good times.

Give it a whirl for yourself here.