Autopsy report confirms Casey Goodson was shot five times in the back

Mayor Andrew Ginther called the autopsy results 'the last piece of the investigation prosecutors were waiting for' before presenting evidence to a grandy jury

Andy Downing
Columbus Alive
Casey Goodson

Franklin County Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Meade shot Casey Goodson five times in the back, according to the final coroner's report released on Thursday. The sixth bullet traversed Goodson's body from the right side to the left. 

The autopsy, which you can read below, confirmed statements previously given by Goodson's mother, Tamala Payne, and family attorney Sean Walton. The two went public in February with details they said were shared in a private Jan. 11 discussion with the Franklin County Coroner’s office, during which they were told autopsy results showed that Goodson had been shot six times from behind with a high-powered rifle.

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At the time Goodson was shot on Dec. 4, he had just returned from the dentist. Meade claims he saw Goodson waving a gun as he drove by, and the deputy pursued him. Goodson, who was not the target of any investigation and has no criminal background, according to Walton, was a licensed gun owner and Ohio is an open carry state. No camera footage of the subsequent exchange between the two exists. 

A lawyer for Meade previously alleged that Goodson pointed a gun at the sheriff's deputy, and police said a gun was recovered from Goodson at the scene. Authorities have not released details as to whether the gun was drawn or found later on Goodson's body. The family has said that Goodson was shot as he entered the home carrying a bag of sandwiches.

“I saw him [after he was shot], and I still wake up in the night crying. It’s something that will be with me the rest of my life,” said Goodson's grandmother, Sharon Payne, in a February interview with Alive.  

The Goodson family has called for Meade, who is currently on paid leave from the Franklin County Sheriff's office, to be terminated and charged with murder. No charges have yet been announced in the case, which remains under investigation.

In a Twitter post, Mayor Andrew Ginther called the autopsy results "the last piece of the investigation prosecutors were waiting for."

"It is time for a grand jury to examine the evidence." he wrote, "and move toward justice and accountability in this tragic death."

Read the autopsy report in full below.