Daily Distraction: Laugh uncomfortably at this plug for a midsize 'up and coming city'

This faux promotional video from comedians Joey Thompson and Sean Russel Herman will lead to both laughter and uncomfortable squirming in Columbus

Joel Oliphint
Columbus Alive
Joey Thompson and Sean Russel Herman in the YouTube video "People From 'Up and Coming' Cities."

Joey and Sean are on the planning committee for a midsize "up and coming city." It's not a big city, but it's definitely not a small town. It's about an hour from the mountains, and an hour from the beach (by airplane). Joey and Sean want to show you around this up and coming city, which boasts a cool bridge, breweries, hotels, apartments, breweries, coffee shops, a rooftop bar and breweries. Within the next 20 years, it could be the next Atlanta or Charlotte.

The entire three-minute video is a near-perfect comedic sendup of every promotional video you've ever seen from a midsize city with big dreams, naïve assumptions and a latent inferiority complex. All that to say, it's OK to laugh at yourself, Columbus. 

Check it out below, and see you at the brewery.