Daily Distraction: Bake bread with St. Lenox

Columbus expat Andrew Choi bakes 'The Great Fractal Challah' in the video for new song 'Arthur Is at a Shiva'

Andy Downing
Columbus Alive
Andrew Choi

The video for "Arthur Is at a Shiva," the second song featured off the forthcoming St. Lenox album Ten Songs of Worship and Praise for Our Tumultuous Times, due out June 11 on Don Giovanni/Anyway, opens with singer and songwriter Andrew Choi informing the viewer via accompanying text that he took up baking as a survivalist skill early in the coronavirus pandemic.

Over the course of the next four minutes, Choi takes viewers through the step-by-step process of crafting "The Great Fractal Challah," described as "a multicultural bread which mixes the Jewish challah with an Asian milk bread ... [and] that represents our swirling, multicultural home."

As Choi mixes ingredients, kneads dough and forms the braids, "Arthur Is at a Shiva" plays, the song ping-ponging from a coworker's experience attending shiva to the funeral of a friend's mother to an industry conference in Northern Virginia, Choi weaving these seemingly disparate threads challah-like into a astirring reflection on death and the afterlife. (The bread looks great, too.)

The Great Fractal Challah

Give the song a listen below.