Daily Distraction: Behold the most asinine thing we've read this week

Look what the woke mobs have ruined now

Andy Downing
Columbus Alive
FILE- In this March 21, 2007 file photo, the character Brer Rabbit, from the movie, "Song of the South," is depicted near the entrance to the Splash Mountain ride in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. The Splash Mountain ride at Disney parks in California and Florida is being recast. Disney officials said the ride would no longer be tied to the 1946 movie, "Song of the South," which many view as racist. Instead, the revamped ride will be inspired by the 2009 Disney film, "The Princess and the Frog," which has an African-American female lead.

In recent months the "woke" mobs have targeted Dr. Seuss and the suddenly penis-free Mr. Potato Head. Next up in the crosshairs: Disney World, formerly known as The Most Magical Place on Earth.

Well, no more, my friends.

In an op-ed for the Orlando Sentinel that went viral earlier this week, Las Vegas resident and frequent Orlando vacationer Jonathan VanBoskerck teed off on Disney for, among other things, retheming Splash Mountain, an attraction previously built around the staggeringly racist 1946 film "Song of the South," and for changes made to the Pirates of the Caribbean, which VanBoskerck, a self described "Christian and conservative Republican," said he rides less frequently since the theme park altered displays such as one in which pirates were previously depicted selling off women.

“The parks are less fun because immersion and thus the joy is taking a back seat to politics,” wrote VanBoskerck, an actual grown human male who just wants to be left alone in peace to enjoy his animatronic theme park fantasies of sex slavery. “Immersion should not be sacrificed on the altar of political correctness and appeasing the Twitter mob.”

Time and again VanBoskerck writes that he can no longer enjoy the park in the same way, since everywhere he looks he now sees politics, which shatters the enchanting spell the place once held for him. What VanBoskerck misses, though, is while it might have been easy for him to disappear into Splash Mountain, for others the log ride held inescapable ties to both the racism and (gasp!) the politics of the Jim Crow-era South.

On the plus side, the op-ed did earn an all-time great Twitter mention from Florida state lawmaker Anna V. Eskamani.

“So this adult man from Las Vegas is mad about Disney removing racist characters and animatronic rapists from their rides?” she wrote. “Did I get that right?”