Daily Distraction: Read Annie Nickoloff on Annie Zaleski on Duran Duran

Cleveland music journalist Annie Zaleski's new book on the album 'Rio' is out today

Andy Downing
Columbus Alive
"Rio" by Annie Zaleski

In an interview with Annie Nickoloff, Cleveland music writer Annie Zaleski recalled checking out Duran Duran's 1982 album Rio from the Rocky River library in the 1990s, later dubbing it to a cassette tape, where it became a looping soundtrack as she moved through her days.

“I remember being in the orchestra pit in high school, playing in the pit for ‘My Fair Lady’ and listening to Rio on my Walkman. I loved it so much,” Zaleski said in the interview with cleveland.com.

These experiences formed the inspiration for Zaleski's first book, a deep dive into Rio released today (Thursday, May 6) via Bloomsbury Publishing as part of the ongoing 33 1/3 series, in which each title takes a long look into a single album.

Zaleski, a longtime music journalist who continues to write for outlets such as Salon, the AV Club and NPR Music, among others, started work on the book early in 2019, interviewing band members Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Roger Taylor, as well as sourcing material from trade and music magazine archives. In addition, Zaleski connects the band with her Northeast Ohio home, tracing its early popularity in Cleveland to the embrace of Duran Duran by landmark rock station WMMS. (The book includes interviews with former WMMS staffers DJ Kid Leo and program director John Gorman.) 

Read the full article here and then visit your favorite independent book seller to pick up a copy of Zaleski's Rio, which this morning received what will likely stand as its most important endorsement.