Daily Distraction: Listen as James Allison tries to find his fit

Stream the musician's new song, 'I Just Don't Know Where I Belong'

Andy Downing
Columbus Alive
Artwork for "I Just Don't Know Where I Belong"

As James Allison eases into his new song, "I Just Don't Know Where I Belong," the Columbus musician asks listeners to pull up a chair to listen to his tale, an old-timey invitation in-line with the track, which comes on like a rediscovered relic from the 1950s Sun Records era.

Indeed, as the song opens, there's a brief moment when one wonders if Allison could have been questioning his fit in terms of time even more than place. These notions are dispatched early on, though, as the musician sings about the hours he's logged on the road in following his heart from town to town, a journey to which he sees no end. "But I’ve been gone so long honey," he sings, "and I still might leave."

Musically, there are some shades of British singer-songwriter Richard Hawley, who explored similarly out-of-time American sounds on Coles Corner (if you haven't before, stop now and listen to "The Ocean," a massive, emotional swell of a song). But ultimately Allison forges his own path, his restlessness reflected both in his words and in his continuing desire to dig up new (old) sounds. Give it a listen below.