Daily Distraction: A lobster diver recounts what it feels like to be swallowed by a whale

In a recent Reddit Ask Me Anything, Michael Packard, 56, recalled his brush with a humpback whale

Andy Downing
Columbus Alive
A humpback whale

You can now add 56-year-old lobster diver Michael Packard alongside the likes of Jonah, Pinocchio and Marlin (Nemo's dad) on the growing list of people who have been swallowed by whales and emerged largely unscathed. (Packard did suffer a dislocated kneecap and soft tissue damage, but seeing as he's the only flesh-and-blood person noted here, we'll call that a win.)

In a recent Reddit Ask Me Anything, Packard recounted the darkness that consumed him after he was swallowed by a humpback whale while 45 feet below the surface during a dive off the coast of Provincetown, Massachusetts, along with his immediate fears of death once he realized what had happened to him.

Packard said he was in the whale's mouth for less than a minute before it spit him out, right as what he imagined were his final thoughts turned to his wife and children.

If you're wondering what it felt like to spend even a brief moment inside the mouth of such a beast, it sounds about as weird and unsettling as you might imagine. "It was full of water, and I could feel the muscles of its mouth convulsing around me," Packard said on Reddit. "It was a really strange feeling to be sure."

Even weirder, it's not the first time Packard has cheated death. As noted on Reddit, the diver previously survived a plane crash in Costa Rica, which makes his recent brush with a whale play like a deep water scene from another "Final Destination" film.

Better luck next time, death.