Daily Distraction: Listen to Marty Stuart cover Tom Petty

The country lifer's take on 'Fault Lines' appears on the forthcoming 'Songs I Sing in the Dark'

Andy Downing
Columbus Alive
Marty Stuart's "Songs I Sing in the Dark"

Marty Stuart said he discovered the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers song "Fault Lines" after purchasing the album Hypnotic Eye from a suburban shopping center while touring Canada with his band, the Fabulous Superlatives.

"When the song 'Fault Lines' came charging out of the speakers, I stood up, turned the volume up way too loud, and played the song three times back-to-back. I immediately called Tom, got his voicemail, and left him a message," Stuart said of his initial tour bus encounter with the track. "Determined to talk to somebody in the Heartbreakers’ camp, I then dialed Mike Campbell. I got him on the line and proceeded to throw roses and go on about the song. His guitar playing, the band, the writing, the production on the album, Tom’s singing and on and on.  When I finally took a breath and shut up, Campbell, or 'Cammell,' as Johnny Cash called him, said, 'So you like it?'"

More recently, Stuart had another conversation with Campbell, one in which he quizzed the guitarist on the chords he played when the band recorded the song. The day after the call, Stuart entered the recording studio and tracked his version of "Fault Lines" as a mandolin piece in a single, stirring take, which you can and should listen to below.

The song is the latest to be released from Stuart's Songs I Sing in the Dark, a project for which the country lifer is issuing a new cover song each month, to later be collected on a single album.

"I have a long line of songs that range from obscure, originals, to favorites from various musical worlds that I often sing to myself when I’m alone," Stuart said of the project. "Until recently, I had never formally made a list of all the titles. When I did, I saw in those titles so many great songs that need to be remembered and passed down."