Daily Distraction: Join Columbus rap duo P2I on a spin through 'The Garden'

The group's heart-fluttering new song is centered on love

Andy Downing
Columbus Alive

Despite its Earth-bound title, "The Garden," the latest song from rap duo P2I, opens with the pair traversing the cosmos. "We jumped the moon, and we fled the stars," they rap. 

The musical backdrop, however, captures the sound of a buzzing spring garden, all lush synthesizers, a gentle rain patter of drums and breezy horns. As the song progresses, the two gradually make their way back to this more grounded environment ("Drag 'em back to Earth," they rap).

But what is it that has the crew's collective head in the clouds? It's love. "It's me you chose/And for that I'm thankful," they rap as the music swoons in kind.

Give "The Garden" a listen below.