Daily Distraction: Go 'oooooooh!' with T-Pain over Trek Manifest

T-Pain nearly lost it when he played the Trek Manifest cut 'BL3$$3D' during a recent Twitch stream

Andy Downing
Columbus Alive
Trek Manifest (right) with producer Billionaire BoyScout

During a recent Twitch stream, "Buy U a Drank" rapper T-Pain queued up the Trek Manifest song "BL3$$3D," one of the standout cuts off the Columbus rapper's 2020 album I Appreciate Your Patience.

Trek created the album in the months following his mother's death, and the record takes on the feel of a cathartic church service, opening with a benediction, lingering on a soul-baring homily and closing with a celebratory track ("Put It Down") that mirrors the feel of throwing open the doors to the church and letting the sun stream in.

"It was like I had all of this stuff pent up, and I finally had space to sit with it," Trek said in an interview with Alive last year. "And now I’m letting everybody know what I’ve gone through. I’m giving you everything I have at this moment.”

And, I'll tell you what, T-Pain felt every bit of it in this clip. I mean felt it. Moments after Trek begins rapping, T-Pain pauses the track and says, "I like it. ... I like the whole thing. [He] could drop an album tomorrow and I'm gonna buy it."

When T-Pain again presses play and the song resumes, his words fail him, and he lets out a series of high-pitched "oooooooohs!" Sometimes when the spirit hits, the only thing a person can do is scream.

Check out T-Pain's reaction in the video below and then go give a listen to Trek's most recent album, For Now Pt. 1, which dropped today.