Daily Distraction: Disappear with Low

Check out the gorgeous new song and accompanying video from the Minnesota duo

Andy Downing
Columbus Alive

Low long ago outgrew the label placed on it as the world's slowest, quietest band, a tag the duo further dispatches on new song "Disappearing," which begins as a gorgeous hymnal and gradually corrodes as it reaches its midpoint.

The song is the second released off forthcoming album Hey What, due out Sept. 10 on Sub Pop, following "Days Like These."

Artist Dorian Wood directed the hypnotic video for "Disappearing," which is based on his experiences modeling for art classes.

"During these long stretches of time, I'd lose myself in thought while delivering poses that best showcased all this fat brown beauty," Wood said in a press release. "In my mind, I traveled to places and memories, and in the case of 'Disappearing,' I not only visited the ocean in my mind, I became it. Even at its most empowering and meditative, a modeling session was often a reminder of how lonely one can feel when the other humans in the room immediately vanish once the laptop shuts down. And still, a semblance of hope always lingered."

Watch the video for "Disappearing" below.