Daily Distraction: Dive into the ‘Ball Pit’ with Columbus band Bench

Listen to the new song from Chicago transplant Ben Leach, who also plays with Kneeling In Piss

Andy Downing
Columbus Alive
A still from the "Ball Pit" video

As the drummer for long-defunct Chicago band Strange Faces, Ben Leach explored lo-fo garage punk, stripping things back even further in Kneeling In Piss, the Alex Mussawir-fronted band that has embraced strident minimalism over the course of multiple excellent EPs and a full-length.

With new project Bench, Leach, who relocated to Columbus from Chicago, doesn’t stray far from the skuzzy established template, banging out an urgent, melodically clattering “Ball Pit” (which, to be fair, is the only type of ball pit I can envision spending any time in these days, amid depressed vaccination rates and viral mutations).

The accompanying video plays like a byproduct of the COVID era, complete with footage of masked-up skateboarders and a person watching ridiculous videos online, which is something most everyone has done from time to time over the last 16 months.

Give the song a listen in the video below, and then catch Leach when he performs at Dirty Dungarees with Kneeling In Piss this Friday, July 30.