Daily Distraction: Meet the folks who think they can get rich selling oddly shaped Cheetos

Read Vice on the weird world of online auctions built on cheesy snacks that resemble everything from 'Game of Thrones' characters to genitalia

Andy Downing
Columbus Alive
Bag of Cheetos

Have you ever considered spending $20,000 on a Flamin' Hot Cheeto shaped like Arnold Schwarzenegger? Or perhaps $175 on a jalapeno Cheeto that maybe looks like Tyrion Lannister (but not really)?

Vice recently spent some time exploring the world of online auctions centered on Cheetos that maybe sorta vaguely resemble that one guy, with the best details emerging in how close some of these discoveries came to ending up as snacks.

“We were at a little football house party, and my homegirl was about to put that Cheeto in her mouth,” Rey Leon said to Vice of Schwarzenegger. “I’m watching her, and it looked pretty strange. It was centimeters away from her just devouring it, but I remembered watching something about this Cheeto trend, so I got it from her hand. When I really looked at it, I thought ‘Holy shit, this looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger, biceps up in the air, just boom’ so I put it in a cup and stored it away in a cabinet.” 

But while the rare Cheeto has sold for high dollar amounts, such as the Harambe-shaped Cheeto that sold for $99,900 in 2017, and which Vice credits with kicking off this dumb trend, these success stories are incredibly rare. Just listen to Blake Recker, who set the asking price for a Cheeto that he said resembled, um, Elvis Presley at $100k.

“The highest offer I’ve gotten so far was $25, but that offer was retracted," Recker said. "I haven’t sold any other Cheetos because of how high the price is, but I’m hopeful.”