Daily Distraction: Watch the best of NoHo Hank on 'Barry'

HBO recently announced that the show had started production on its third season

Andy Downing
Columbus Alive
NoHo Hank

Earlier today, HBO announced on Twitter that "Barry" had started production on its third season.

Missing from the above photo of stars Bill Hader and Henry Winkler (who spoke with Alive in 2019 about his role on the HBO show, among other topics), however, is the scene-stealing Anthony Carrigan, who plays the lovingly inept would-be crime boss NoHo Hank.

Here, via Vulture, you can read about Carrigan's process for helping create the character. And then watch the video below for a handful of NoHo highlights from seasons one and two, which should help you pass the time while we wait to hear when the new season might premiere.