About that profane Tee Jaye's goodbye...

The company said it had nothing to do with the wording that exploded on social media on Monday

Andy Downing
Columbus Alive
The iconic Tee Jaye's sign

You might have noticed an image of the iconic Tee Jaye's Country Place sign circulating in your social media feed on Monday, one in which the sign appeared to offer a profane goodbye to "Lintonville" as the eatery closed up shop at 4910 N. High St., the diner's home for the last 29 years.

Reached via email, "The Folks at Tee Jaye's," as identified in their email signature, said that the company had no knowledge of how the Clintonville kiss-off came to be.

"We don't know anything about it except we had it taken down immediately!!" the company wrote.

It makes sense, too, considering the diner isn't actually leaving Clintonville, instead relocating to a spot a few blocks south at 4560 N. High St., the former site of Bareburger.

Regardless, the sign's final proclamation has already entered into local lore (we imagine that we'll see T-shirts referencin "Lintonville" any day now), placing it however briefly in that rare air previously occupied solely by the sign outside of Pierce Cleaners.