Daily Distraction: Read Chris DeVille on Wilco's Wonderbus set

The music writer and former Alive staffer embraces dad life in his latest Stereogum piece

Andy Downing
Columbus Alive

Chris DeVille's most recent dispatch for Stereogum is about Wilco's headlining set at Wonderbus on Sunday, with DeVille noting that the band avoided most of its left-of-center material in favor of "barbecue-ready rockers" better suited to the festival setting.

But the piece is less of a review than an essay about aging with grace and accepting each stage of life as it comes. Deville writes:

Look, I realize the “Wilco is for dads” trope has traveled several light years beyond the point of cliché by now. I apologize to them. I apologize to you. But it occurred to me Sunday that I am living that cliché and loving it. Trash me if you must for being basic enough to both deploy this truism and embody it, but on this gorgeously temperate night in Columbus, it felt fantastic to be finishing out an especially fatherly weekend at a Wilco concert. And anyway, what is opening every show on your first post-vaccine tour with “A Shot In The Arm” if not a dad joke?

Give the whole piece a read here.