Columbus filmmakers score a national distribution deal with 'Poser'

The movie will receive U.S. theatrical release via Oscilloscope

Andy Downing
Columbus Alive
Sylvie Mix (left) and Bobbi Kitten in a still from "Poser"

"Poser" made its onscreen debut at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year, where it was one of six films chosen from over 4,000 submissions to compete in the U.S. Narrative Competition program.

Now, word comes that the movie will receive a U.S. theatrical release via a North American distribution deal with Oscilloscope.

“The whole O-Scope crew flipped for Poser the moment we saw it," Oscilloscope's Dan Berger told Deadline. "It’s like that beloved indie mix tape that’s embedded in our DNA meets the dark, disquieting psychology of an Ingmar Bergman jam."

The film follows Lennon Gates, a would-be podcaster played by Sylvie Mix, as she navigates the real-life Columbus music and arts scenes, eventually striking up a friendship with Bobbi Kitten of Damn the Witch Siren, who plays a version of herself in the movie. (Local viewers will also be able to pick out onscreen appearances from the likes of Amber Falter, Joey Aich, Hakim Callwood and Mandi Caskey, among others, along with Columbus locales such as Comune, Used Kids and 934 Gallery.)

“We were about to leave for a West Coast tour when [co-director] Ori [Segev] randomly hit me up, like, ‘Hey, we have this idea for a film, and it’s kind of based around your band,’” said Kitten, who had previous acting experience from her time doing theater in college. “When we got back [from tour] they had this script that was already written about this electro-pop band with a pink-haired, girl musician and a wolf. … And then I basically auditioned for myself, which was kind of funny.”

The filmmakers previously said they hoped to screen "Poser" locally sometime in the fall, so expect word of a Columbus premiere in the months to come.

In the interim, watch this 2019 Gladden House Session from wyd, one of a handful of bands (Son of Dribble, Damn the Witch Siren) that logs some onscreen performance time in "Poser."