Daily Distraction: Let this robot skateboard into your nightmares

Meet the robot Poochie

Andy Downing
Columbus Alive

It seems like every week there's a new horrifying robotics creation hitting the internet.

Sometimes these robots just show off flashy new dance moves. Other times they can be seen flinging themselves off of buildings and leaping 30 feet onto rooftops. And then there are those robots that will clearly hunt you down and kill you at some point in the near future. And whatever the hell this thing is.

To this growing hellscape add Leonardo, the skateboarding, tightrope-walking, levitating answer to "what robotics creation has the worst name cherry picked from a much longer, even less sensical name?" (Leonardo is lifted from "Legs Onboard Drone," because of course.) 

The Caltech researchers behind this abomination said the design was inspired by the way birds move around on power lines, which gives LEO the ability to track its prey over "rough terrain." Anyway, sleep well, humankind.