Daily Distraction: Mild Child hopes you make it out alive

Listen to the debut solo single from Ryan Liptak of Happy Tooth & Dug

Andy Downing
Columbus Alive
Ryan Liptak of Mild Child

With "I Hope You Make it Out Alive," Ryan Liptak's debut single under the name Mild Child, the singer and multi-instrumentalist embraces his new artistic namesake in sound, if not subject matter.

Musically, the song is lush and gentle, building on glitchy, haunted electronics and Liptak's emotive falsetto, which calls to mind Tom Krell of How to Dress Well. Thematically, though, it's much heavier, rooted in the idea of letting go of toxic relationships.

"Well you don't care/That you're digging your grave," sings Liptak, who also plays in the indie-rap band Happy Tooth & Dug.

By the time he reaches the chorus ("I hope you make it out alive"), it's clear that while the musician hopes the best for this person, he can no longer stand by and watch them plow shovel into earth again and again.

Give the song a listen below.