Daily Distraction: Revisit the history of Honeycomb mascot 'The Craver'

The long-gone cereal pitchman has at least a passing resemblance to Hoss, the world's largest hairball

Andy Downing
Columbus Alive
Hoss the Hairball, a 225-pound ball of human hair, is now a Guinness Book of World Record holder. The oddity was created by Ohio hairstylist Steve Warden in 2018.

Earlier this week, the Dispatch published an article about Hoss the Ohio Hair Ball, at 225 pounds recently named the world's largest hairball. On first glance, the photo of Hoss accompanying the feature initially reminded me of a less crazed "The Craver," a short-lived mascot for Honeycomb's cereal who appeared in ads for a few years in the late 90s and early 2000s before disappearing entirely from existence.

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In an odd bit of timing, the Onion's A.V. Club yesterday linked to a YouTube documentary that traces the history of the mascot, apparently also known as "The Honeycomb Craver" or "Crazy Craving" and described by the video's creator as "a horrifying abomination that god left unfinished and one that the world and his creators want you to forget," which is harsh but also pretty accurate.

Give the 14-minute video a watch below.