Daily Distraction: Behold the most magnificent Hot Wheels track ever constructed

Odds are high that the person behind this epic backyard track sleeps in a bed shaped like a racecar

Andy Downing
Columbus Alive
A Caterpillar Inc. Hot Wheels toy car used in the filming of a recent company video. Real-life cars performed stunts on a full-sized track constructed at the Caterpillar testing ground near Edwards.

The longest Hot Wheels track I ever constructed ran maybe 10 feet through the living room in my childhood home, and even at that distance I don't think I ever managed to complete a single successful run.

So imagine my envy watching the video of this massive backyard track, which is filmed from the point of view of the car, and which stretches on for nearly four minutes as the racer careens through popsicle stick tunnels, down waterslides and, in my favorite moment, past one insanely chill dog (this takes place right at the 33 second mark, so you don't miss it). Also, I would absolutely ride a full-scale version of this if someone wants to get on it.