Daily Distraction: Take in all 11,000 pounds of Kool-Aid Man

In an old video worth revisiting, one creator asks if the corporate mascot could really bust through a brick wall

Andy Downing
Columbus Alive
Kool-Aid Man

In a 2015 video, YouTuber Jake Roper attempted to answer one question: Could Kool-Aid Man really break through a brick wall?

Now, before getting to the question, Roper provided some basic measurements. Assuming Kool-Aid Man is scaled to 6-feet-tall, which seems fair based on past commercial appearances, and given a glass thickness of 3.6 inches, Roper estimated the mascot would weigh 5,800 pounds. Filled with liquid, this would balloon to 11,000 pounds. (Roper also addresses another relevant issue, stating his belief that the liquid inside the pitcher is indeed Kool-Aid Man's blood.)

At that size, could Kool-Aid Man really bust through a brick-and-mortar wall?

The short answer is yes, though Roper estimates it would cost him roughly one-third of his blood, which would come sloshing out the top of his pitcher (head), creating a grisly scene and leaving the mascot incredibly lightheaded, in the best-case scenario.

Watch the full breakdown below.