Daily Distraction: Redman is the only honest celebrity

The rapper's appearance on the MTV series "Cribs" looks to be one of the few truly authentic takes in the program's history

Andy Downing
Columbus Alive

Back when the series "MTV Cribs" was a thing, rapper Redman invited viewers into his decidedly unglamourous abode, showing off where he ironed his clothes (on the floor), where he played Dreamcast (on the floor next to his unmade bed) and where he stored his cash (inside a shoebox on top of the fridge).

A new video from Weird History reveals just how rare this kind of unvarnished honesty was on the program. In just a shade over 11 minutes, the video shares some of the more egregious fabrications crafted by celebs who appeared on the show, including:

  • Ja Rule renting a mansion for his appearance
  • Robbie Williams filming his appearance in Jane Seymour's house
  • 50 Cent renting a fleet of luxury cars and claiming them as his own 

Redman, of course, resisted the urge to create an alternate reality, with the Weird History clip revealing that MTV even asked the rapper to film in a house nicer than his own, a request he thankfully rejected. Watch the video in full below.