Daily Distraction: Politico bids adieu to 'the dumbest Senate primary ever'

The publication recently recapped the many lows of Ohio's recently wrapped Republican senatorial campaign

Andy Downing
Columbus Alive
JD Vance celebrates his Republican primary win for Ohio's U.S. Senate seat in front of a room full of supporters at the Duke Energy Center on Tuesday, May 3, 2022.

J.D. Vance might have emerged victorious in this week's Republican senatorial primary, but there are really no winners in this campaign recap from Politico, which goes long on what the publication terms "the dumbest Senate primary ever."

Among the lowlights:

  • Josh Mandel and Mike Gibbons going chest-to-chest on the debate stage.
  • Jane Timken talking about the "inadequacies" of her male opponents in a campaign ad.
  • Gibbons making a statement that women have never been oppressed.
  • Vance repeatedly labeling his foes on the left "childless cat ladies." (Attacks on the "childless left" have been something of a running theme for the Peter Thiel-funded venture capitalist.)
  • Former president Donald Trump touting his endorsement of "J.D. Mandel."

For the sake of balance, we will add that the campaign wasn't without at least one highlight.

Read the whole Politico article here.