Daily Distraction: Joey Aich keeps going 'Through the Madness'

Listen to the rapper's new single now

Andy Downing
Columbus Alive
Joey Aich

"Walk down the street just to clear my mind," Joey Aich raps early on in his new single, "Through the Madness," a reference to what became a pandemic-era routine for the musician.

On most days, Aich would set out from his campus-area apartment and hoof it to different areas of the city, strolling as far as German Village and the East Side, embracing the longs walks as a means of avoiding social media doom-scrolling and to allow space for his mind to wander. At times, songs would come to him as he kept pace, and he'd run lines in his head, rapping to the beat of his feet hitting pavement. In an email, Aich said he wrote "Through the Madness" in this manner in early 2021, as he walked past a shuttered Kemba Live.

"This was prior to us having an idea when shows would come back," Aich wrote, "so I kept telling myself that once shows come back this area is where I SHOULD be."

Released more than a year after that initial daydream, "Through the Madness" sounds downright celebratory, which is fitting in that Aich recently completed his first extensive post-lockdown tour that included visits to New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver and Detroit, in addition to a pair of hometown shows in Cleveland (his birthplace) and Columbus (his current home).

"['Through the Madness'] has taken a new life as a celebration for my recent spring tour," Aich wrote. "Over the last two months I've ... lived the dream of releasing music and finally getting back to performing for live crowds."

Give the song a listen below.