The Mysteries of Bexley, or, What I Ate: Dining Great Down On Main Street

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Recent foraging forays into Bexley brought me to the just-opened and newest

...this great dish of Spicy Beyti...

...and the elegant simplicity of this whole grilled fish.

I also went to Moshi Sushi, purveyors of some of the best and freshest-tasting sushi and fusiony dishes in the area, where, among other things, I had this...

...sushi panini created with deep fried "slices" of sushi rice (this cultural collision didn't sound very convincing to me on the menu, but I'm a true believer now)...

...and this great meal-deal of a bento.

Moral of the story: there are a lot more worthy places to eat at in Bexley than the fun but limited charms of the Top Steakhouse--see you soon on Main Street.