Breakfast: Luck Bros. Breakfast Bake

Shelley Mann, Columbus Alive

Andy Luck's stepmom used to make an egg casserole with kielbasa for breakfast every Christmas morning. Serving pans of Breakfast Bake at his Grandview coffee shop is his way of evoking Christmas cheer every morning of the year.

My mom made an egg casserole every Christmas morning, too, and Luck bets lots of other families have the same tradition.

The cozy little coffee shop has been serving the Breakfast Bake for a couple of years now, and it's starting to develop quite a following. They only make a pan or two of the stuff a day, and when it's gone, it's gone - usually around 10 or 11 a.m. As a consolation prize, they'll offer you a bagel or a pastry, but it's best to just order a cup of coffee and makes plans to try again the next day.

Its elusiveness is part of its charm. I enjoy food more thoroughly when I've had to put forth some effort to obtain it, and so the fact that I had to visit three times before I finally got a slice of the beloved Bake probably had a lot to do with how much I liked it.

It's a homey dish, for sure, made with Bisquick, frozen hash browns, shredded cheddar and eggs. It's baked just a minute too long, so it gets a thick, brown cheese-crust on top - just like Mom's had. The smoky kielbasa adds lots of flavor and a little crunch.

This is the kind of rich, starchy treat that pops into your head first thing upon waking up after a night of drinking.

Coffee is the perfect companion for the Breakfast Bake, and Luck Bros. has some of the best in town. High-quality, ground-in-house beans are brewed one cup at a time.

If you just can't get yourself up and over to Luck Bros. in time to get a slice of Breakfast Bake, check out the shop's website, where the family recipe is helpfully posted.

Photo by Jodi Miller

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Luck Bros. Coffee House

1101 W. First Ave., Grandview