Breakfast: Tacos a la SXSW

Shelley Mann, Columbus Alive

One of the best Twitter hashtags from the last couple of years is #CXCW, i.e. Couch By Couchwest, created to join together those of us not lucky enough to be in Austin for South By Southwest (you know, the ones filling up our feeds with envy-inducing #SXSW anecdotes).

There are other ways to combat sadness over not getting to go to last week's music and film fest - or sadness that you're back home after going.

Like, for example, indulging in one of Austin's most beloved food specialties, breakfast tacos, back here in Columbus. A few local restaurants serve these addictive tortilla-wrapped treats.


1 S. High St., Downtown

What: Cinco offers build-your-own breakfast tacos - scrambled eggs and hash browns can be paired with bacon, ham, chicken, steak, chorizo or sausage and gravy. Try the Chorizo, Egg & Cheese Taco, with spicy Mexican sausage and shredded white cheese in a steamed flour tortilla, then add on your favorite fixings, like sauteed onions and peppers, salsa and sour cream.

When: 7 a.m.-10:30 a.m. weekdays

Cuco's Mexican Taqueria

2162 Henderson Rd., Upper Arlington

What: Cuco's offers a full Mexican breakfast menu, complete with enchiladas, burritos, quesadillas and tacos. The El Tapatio platter comes with barbacoa tacos plus eggs, potatoes with chorizo, and refried beans. Tacos can also be ordered a la carte - go for the excellent Eggs & Chorizo, which comes in a soft flour tortilla with scrambled eggs, salsa fresco, white cheese and cilantro.

When: 8-11 a.m. Monday-Saturday

Katalina's Cafe Corner

1105 Pennsylvania Ave., Victorian Village

What: Thanks to their warm corn tortillas, these are the closest to taco-truck-style tacos. Three of those toasted tortillas are filled with lots of chorizo, perfectly scrambled eggs, fresh salsa, big avocado slices and a bit of queso fresco. A splash of hot sauce gives their tacos an extra edge on the competition. On the side is a pile of crispy hash browns, which taste great when topped with some of that chunky tomato salsa.

When: Breakfast is served all day long at Katalina's, open 8 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday-Friday and 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday-Sunday.

Shelley Mann is the editor of Crave, Columbus' dining magazine. Keep up with her at