Best African Restaurant: Blue Nile

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Columbus Alive

Clearly voters know wat's up when it comes to great Ethiopian cuisine: Wat is. Wait, what's wat? It's a variety of spicy Ethiopian stews, and a terrific place near the OSU campus cooks them with such deep flavors that Alive readers answered "Blue Nile" to our culinary question "Who's on first?" in terms of African food.

A perennial favorite, the super-friendly Blue Nile affords diners the chance to eat in communal Ethiopian style - eating off a striking "mosseb" tray, while sharing piles of stewy food scooped up with ripped bits of dense and tangy injera bread. Try one of the good-deal combination specials (four shared dishes for two eaters for about $30).

Runners-up: Taste of Zanzibar, Solay Bistro

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Blue Nile

2361 N. High St., Campus