Best Dessert: Pistacia Vera

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Columbus Alive

Every treat at Pistacia Vera is spectacular both in flavor and beauty. The French goodie shop is best known for its macarons, light little cookie sandwiches in all the vibrant colors of the rainbow with a subtle, brittle shell that - once bitten into - yields an airy, sweet and sometimes tangy filling. Other dessert specialties include pate de fruits, made with fruit puree, and luscious cakes fit for French royalty.

Pistacia Vera also creates some of the city's best pastries, which can be enjoyed for dessert or breakfast. The Orange Brioche is topped with orange sugar crystals and a knob perfect for gleefully ripping off, and the butter croissant and pain au chocolate are little tastes of Paris.

Runners-up: Mozart's Cafe, Pattycake Bakery

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Pistacia Vera

541 S. 3rd St., German Village