Distilled: TV shows and beer make good bedfellows?!

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Last week Albuquerque’s Marble Brewery announced that it would begin making a “Breaking Bad”-inspired beer called Heisenberg’s Dark. (I like the name, but what about Schraderbrau?)

This continues what has been somewhat of an odd trend where TV series and breweries become bedfellows. Brewery Ommegang released a “Game of Thrones” beer (Iron Throne Blonde Ale) to coincide with the Season 3 premiere. “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” also got a beer, the Dayman Coffee IPA, a collaboration from Two Brothers Brewing Co., Stone Brewing Co., and Aleman Brewery.

So this got me thinking about what other television shows could have a beer made in their honor. I don’t know how well all of these work, but it’s fun to think about.

The first one that immediately came to mind was “The Simpsons.” You could go with Duff, but that’d be too obvious. I like a Flaming Moe-inspired beer, o maybe something honoring the show’s biggest lout, Barney. Maybe Barney’s Astronaut Ale referencing the time he almost went into space, but fell off the wagon after drinking some sparkling apple cider.

For “Married with Children” Al Bundy’s No Ma’am Lager would fit perfectly with his style. I could be a cheap beer that’s just a litt bitter and has an off-putting odor.

Another Chicago-set show that seems perfect for a beer is Showtime’s “Shameless” — where everyone drinks a lot of beer, particularly Old Style. Maybe Old Style could just offer six packs with a Gallagher kid on one of the cans.

For another HBO series, why not go with the show everyone either loves or hates, “Girls.” A “Girls”-inspired beer would surely make the internet blow-up with discussion/vitriol/think pieces. I think it should be modeled after the series’ most lovable misanthrope and brewed by Stone Brewery. Ray’s Irritable Bastard has a nice ring to it.

For the last one, I think a trip back in time is in order. Archie Bunker from “All in the Family” is one of TV’s most iconic — if mostly loathsome — characters who also loved beer. Something simple like Meathead Milk Stout sounds appropriate.