Seven Sloppy Sandwiches: The Mash Up: Red Masher Grilled Cheese at The Tavern

G.A. Benton, Columbus Alive

What kind of sick freak puts side dishes like mashed potatoes and broccoli onto a grilled cheese sandwich? My kind! Hey, do NOT knock this stoner-esque combo till you've tried it; the thing counterintuitively rocks - and that's not just because its comfort-bomb filling tends to amusingly shoot out a la the middle of a jelly donut.

Killer grill-toasted sourdough bread made by next-door neighbor The Angry Baker is the basis for this texture bonanza. Into that firm and warm embrace goes a semi-loose assemblage of buttery and dense-yet-fluffy mashed redskin potatoes sprinkled with crinkly bacon and melded to gooey melted havarti cheese, itself richly clinging to still-al-dente sliced broccoli florets (which contribute an appreciated bit of veggie counterpoint - along with a nearly credible illusion of fibrous health).

Sure, on paper it sounds downright absurd, but when actually eating it - which is akin to receiving a plate-side hug - it seems like the most normal and delicious thing in the world. In fact, like me, you'll soon regard this culinary crazy quilt as a feel-good carbo-blanket you just wanna roll up and nap in.

Name and Number: Red Masher Grilled Cheese, $7

The Tavern

889 Oak St., Olde Towne East


2/5 Napkins