Seven Sloppy Sandwiches: The Pocket Rocket: Meat Shawarma at Mediterranean Food Imports

G.A. Benton, Columbus Alive

Pound-for-pound and dollar-for-dollar, there is no better shawarma in Columbus. Or one more generously packed with fresh (and lasciviously leaky) seared lamb meat and tastebud-spanning garnishes.

When you're handed this heavy-duty beauty, you might think its paper-cradled pita pocket is quite the safe and tidy package. You'd be right for the first few bites.

But as you excitedly munch deeper into its soft and puffy pita - which is thickly slathered with a coarse, rich and excellent hummus plus a dense and spiky hot sauce if you want it (you want it) - slamming back this spectacular sandwich suddenly becomes a precarious proposition.

Around the midway point, its kaleidoscopic components - the hummus and hot sauce plus a veritable Jerusalem salad (tahini, diced cucumbers and tomatoes), long slices of pickles, lettuce and a ton of authentically spiced and crisp-edged delectable meat pieces (MFI's homemade spinning stack also includes beef) - all begin to overwhelm both your happily overtaxed mouth and their bready container. Yeah, you're in trouble now. As for the transcendent finishing bites (i.e. the best ones), since all the potent juices have collected into a sorta pocket pool, you might think about enjoying those over a sink.

Name and number: Meat Shawarma, $6

Mediterranean Food Imports

5215 Godown Rd., Northwest Side


2.5/5 Napkins