Seven Sloppy Sandwiches: The Tower of Power: Lexi's Tower at Lexi's on Third

G.A. Benton, Columbus Alive

As a professional glutton, I can safely announce that anyone who thinks he or she can eat this behemoth in a single sitting needs therapy. Hell, with its outrageous layers of juice-oozing, irresistible favorites, this "leaning-tower-of-meatsa" is even difficult to hoist.

Imagine a teeming roster of terrific deli delights energized by a last-second grilling - moist real roast beef, briny corned beef, racy pastrami and soothing turkey. Now imagine all this warmed-up wonderfulness corralled on top-notch, griddled-to-crispy rye bread spackled with gooey melted Swiss cheese and painted with mayonnaise and Dijon mustard, and risibly "veggie-fied" with slivers of lettuce and tomato (you know, for the health).

Now further imagine a frenzied food writer with glistening fingers - and an intent and debris-smeared face betraying shark eyes swiveling to the back of his head - vainly attempting to bite through a mile-high sandwich that's literally tumbling apart. If you can envision this - along with demented laughter - then you know how much fun I recently had at Lexi's (even though I un-triumphantly threw in the napkin half-way through).

Name and Number: Lexi's Tower, $14

Lexi's on Third

100 E. Broad St., Downtown


4.5/5 Napkins