Staff Pick: Ohio Food Truck and Cart Fest

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

I remember distinctly the first food truck fest at the Columbus Commons a few years ago. The s---, as they say, was bananas.

The food truck and cart boon was in its infant stages, which, obviously, meant ridiculous levels of hype. If you don’t know the Gospel According to Hype, it goes like this: Hype beget demand, which beget long lines, which beget frustrated patrons with hunger pangs, which beget overeating and immaculate conception-esque food babies in the bellies of attendees (or just my belly). It wasn't a pretty sight.

Expect a smoother set-up, more space and shorter lines at this weekend's fest, which will be set up at Ohio Village. The setting might not be as picturesque as the Columbus Commons, but it will provide a nice bit of weird in the juxtaposition between food trucks and the recreated 19th-century community at the Ohio Historical Society.

More than 30 food trucks will be on-site, and other highlights include live music, crafts, games and other activities. Admission is free and will also include entry to the Ohio History Center Museum and Village.

Ohio Village at the Ohio Historical Society

Saturday-Sunday, Sept. 28-29

800 E. 17th Ave., North Side