2013 guide to Columbus restaurants that are open for Thanksgiving

G.A. Benton, Columbus Alive

Update: Here's our guide for 2014!

Oh looky, it's Thanksgiving time again. Do you have plans? I know many of you will be schlepping across the state - or even across the country - to be among hooch-guzzling "loved ones" just dying to correct your views on music, politics and what constitutes a proper diet. Of course some of you are thinking about blowing a small fortune in a crazy-crowded grocery store so you can slave away all day on a single meal in a kitchen that'll wind up looking like a war zone.

If these scenarios don't describe you, the following list of rare restaurants serving on this national holiday should prove most food-tastically helpful. Gobble up everybody! (And call ahead to verify spots are open and things haven't changed as of this writing.)

Let Us Give Franks

Dirty Franks will be slinging weenies and good times until late afternoon or well into the evening (that call ahead thing). Of course you gotta go with the "Franksgiving" ($4), i.e. your hot dog of choice (can be vegan) topped with stuffing, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce.

Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace

248 S. Fourth St., Downtown



You Bustin' My Butterballs?

If kitschy Italian-American fare sounds fun and you've got a group, goofy Buca di Beppo can happily fill your bill and tummies. La Buca's featuring a titanic meal served "family style" - turkey breast, gravy, garlic mashers, spicy Italian sausage stuffing, green beans, cannolis and more. It's $50 for three eaters, $90 for six. If you'd like to feast at home, BdB's to-go "party pans" can accommodate up to 20.

Buca di Beppo

343 N. Front St., Arena District



Chow Down

Long-reliable casual white tableclother China Dynasty is offering a gigantic buffet that combines their upscale Chinese food with the expected American holiday favorites - the latter stars a 36-hour herb-marinated turkey carving station. Tab: $26 (kiddies eat for free or half-price, age depending).

China Dynasty

1689 W. Lane Ave., Upper Arlington



Belly Up

Inexpensive and extremely vegetarian/vegan-friendly - and damn excellent (if humble) - Dosa Corner will be serving from its regular menu. Hungrier and/or seeking meat? Then belly up to the buffet at Taj Palace. It's only $12 and includes the all-important turkey masala.

Dosa Corner

1077 Old Henderson Rd., Upper Arlington



Taj Palace

3794 Fishinger Blvd., Hilliard



Let Them Eat Steak

If turkey doesn't float your gravy boat, Mitchell's Steakhouse is offering its regular prime-beef-loaded menu. But, Mitchell's is also serving a three-course gobbler special with fancied-up trimmings and desserts for $38.

Mitchell's Steakhouse Downtown

45 N. Third St., Downtown



Birds of a Feather

Stylish and wine-centric Cooper's Hawk is offering a super-enticing $25 dinner that might well be the best overall deal. It includes roasted Amish turkey, herb stuffing, house-made cranberry sauce, signature house spuds, roasted veggies and pumpkin cheesecake with vanilla whipped cream.

Cooper's Hawk at Easton Town Center

4230 The Strand, Easton



Walk It Off

If you wanna drink with me, I usually decompress from a nearby excessive family affair by ambling off to Johnnie's Glenn Avenue Grill - an odd and deeply blue collar dive with the cheapest drinks in town. Poignant note: Johnnie's heroically feeds regulars and others with no place else to go.

Johnnie's Glenn Avenue Grill

1491 Glenn Ave., Grandview