Munch Madness: Curl Cuts: Homemade Soft Pretzels from 101 Beer Kitchen ($6.50)

G.A. Benton, Columbus Alive

Home Court Advantage: Between modern and vintage, cheffy and accessible, and rustic and urbane, there is a sweet spot ? and 101 nails it. Comprising three distinct spaces plus a patio, 101's two TVs are only ? but easily ? viewable in its hearth-and-bar-equipped main chamber. Suds-wise, 101 conveniently offers about 101 brews, about 20 from smartly curated taps.

Slam Dunk Snack: The best soft pretzels in Columbus (prove me wrong) are ingeniously made with hearty and healthy, dark rye flour plus beer. Served with a side of extra-tangy cheese sauce, these sourdough-whiffing beauties offer light, warm and airy puffs beneath gently crackly shells seductively studded with sea salt and caraway seeds.

101 Beer Kitchen

7509 Sawmill Rd., Dublin