Cutting Edges: Marcus Meacham, executive chef, Kraft House No.5

G.A. Benton, Columbus Alive

When did you get serious about cooking, andwhat was your main inspiration?

I was always serious about cooking, the science and math behind it, the so-called "tricks of the trade." But 10 years ago, I crossed over (and) committed 175 percent to tryin' to find my own style.

If not cheffing, what might you be doing?

There is no doubt I would have still found my way home (to cooking). I love what I do, and when it feels this good to be at "work," it's meant to be.

What might we be surprised to find in your fridge: You might look twice gazing upon my fermented goodies: black beans and garlic. I put them in brothy soups and use the garlic for steak rub ideas.

What and when was the last fast food you ate: Fast food, fucking fast food. White Castle. I hate it. I love it. It never calls me back.


Local restaurants:

I don't eat out. But if push came to shove, I'm getting Brooklyn Pizza in Powell. It's delicious and close to Kraft House. Back in my neck of the woods, you can find me at Yellow Brick Pizza. Or eating a bowl of noodles or pretzels at the North Market.

Thing to cook at home: I keep it simple and quick. I make a lot of pastas and roasts and feast on that for like a week.

Movie: Three-way tie between "Bronson," "Belly," and "Fight Club." I'm a little crazy.

Food movie: Ummmm ... "Goonies" count? I love Rocky Road ice cream.

Music to listen to while you cook or eat: Without a doubt, Wu Tang. I'm a hip-hop head for life. As a collective, they epitomize what happens when you deal with (career) sacrifices with the focus of a samurai ninja. We come out on top and victorious for one reason, and one reason only: we fucking have to!

Cocktails/beers:Bulleit Rye as of now. We'll see where I'm at next week. I love a good Kentucky Mule, plus I have a weird obsession with drinking out of copper mugs.

Hometown: Houston

Education: University of Houston, Ohio University (kinesiology)

Previous experience: Barrio, Latitude 41, Bodega