Cutting Edges: Meet six chefs pushing the Columbus food scene forward

G.A. Benton, Columbus Alive

This week, you get to meet a group of edgy professionals pushing the Columbus food scene in all the right directions.

They're cooking with brainy, "Top Chef"-type finesse at Angry Bear Kitchen (Daniel Scalzo); bringing hip and inventive dishes to the suburbs at Kraft House No. 5 (Marcus Meacham); making outrageously delicious sausage, charcuterie and inspired Southern-style fare at Flatiron (Steve Nicholson); baking amazing breakfast sandwiches and pastries while brewing sophisticated coffees at Fox in the Snow Cafe (Lauren Culley and Jeff Excell); and doing fabulous pop-ups (at, say, Ace of Cups) while also consulting restaurants (like Union Cafe) on how to gastropub-ify and Latin-up their menus (Lara Yazvac-Pipia).

Photos by Meghan Ralston and Maddie McGarvey