Por'Ketta food truck launches this weekend at The Ohio Taproom

Nicholas Dekker, Columbus Alive contributor

One of Columbus' newest food trucks, Por'Ketta, is getting ready to launch this weekend. The kickoff event is taking place on Saturday, March 14 at The Ohio Taproom from 11 a.m. to about 9 p.m.

Owner Tony Layne is launching Por'Ketta after years of observing food trucks at spots like Dinin' Hall. With the youngest of his kids heading to college, he's decided to take the jump into the mobile food industry. "I've always wanted to do my own restaurant," Layne said. "The food truck is a lower ticket to entry, and I see people doing original food out of them."He purchased the truck from Jamie Anderson of Ray Ray's BBQ; it was ideal for Layne's plans, as Anderson had custom-installed a rotisserie on the truck.

The truck will be focused on two main meals: porchetta and rotisserie chicken, plus weekly specials. The porchetta will be served on sandwiches, while he's offering half chickens. Each meal will come with a side and Italian bread crafted especially by Matt Swint of Matija Breads.

Layne said he chose porchetta as the primary dish "because nobody else is doing it or doing it well." Porchetta is an Italian preparation of pork that's stuffed with spices, rolled and roasted. "I love pork, always have," Layne said. "I have a pig tattoo. Pig's much more economical than beef or chicken, and you use it stem to stern." Layne said he's deliberately keeping the menu small and focused, with an overall theme of local suppliers like breads from Matija and even T-shirts from Traxler Tees. Albert Thurn of Thurn's Specialty Meats helped Layne track down Ohio sources for chicken and pork.

As for the truck's name? Layne said he opted for a phonic spelling of the dish to save customers from mispronouncing "porchetta."

Layne also scheduled appearances at Four String Brewing on March 19 and 21, and at Staas Brewing in Delaware on March 20 and 28.

Nicholas Dekker writes about breakfast at breakfastwithnick.com and authored the guidebook "Breakfast With Nick: Columbus," with a second edition coming spring 2015. He leads breakfast and brunch tours for Columbus Food Adventures and brewery tours for Columbus Brew Adventures.