Mountain of fun: Pierogi Mountain's Oktoberfest at Cafe Bourbon Street

G.A. Benton, Columbus Alive

When you think "Oktoberfest," what comes to mind? Dudes in goofy lederhosen swaying to oompah music? Recalibrate those expectations.

This Saturday, Oct. 10, "Pierogi Mountain Presents: Oktoberfest" reimagines the fall festival in Cafe Bourbon Street and injects the event with an immense dose of hipness. Instead of ostensibly amusing hokum, why-aren't-they-fresher soft pretzels and this-is-really-happening polka dancing, expect a stacked punk-rock party starring Ramones-esque M.O.T.O., blistering and brilliant Obnox - one of the best bands from Ohio (check out their glowing Pitchfork reviews) - plus the wonderful handmade dumplings from Pierogi Mountain.

Bonus: A $5 minimum donation is a steal for 11 entertaining bands and delicious $1 pierogi (myriad flavors will be available, including vegan and vegetarian options), so kicking in a little more is downright painless (and advised). Bonus No. 2: Proceeds benefit the creation of a food cart for Pierogi Mountain.

Pierogi Mountain is the fun comfort food venture run by Matt Majesky. Using the recipe of his Polish great-grandmother - and his own imagination - Majesky makes killer pierogi in flavors ranging from potato-cheddar to pear and goat cheese to Cincinnati chili to who-knows-what.

Majesky's traditional-nouveau pierogi are available in frozen form at Weiland's and freshly cooked at Cafe Bourbon Street plus the Big Room (which serves a special "papet vaudois" pierogi). A cart would obviously help Majesky spread the pierogi love all over Columbus.

So why a fundraising festival instead of Kickstarter? Majesky told me via email that Kickstarter was a great idea for a lot of applications (e.g. helping bands release records), but his product already exists, and besides, "I've seen too many campaigns where people are overcharging for their rewards."

Humorously expounding on his commitment, Majesky explained "I do this one thing and do it well. As the years progress and I can hire people, I'd love to expand into a truck or possibly a storefront. I plan on working three jobs through the winter and scraping together everything I can. If I don't have a heart attack by the end, my reward will be a food cart and more work."

Food service starts at 4 p.m., bands at 6:30 p.m., and cool-looking t-shirts ($15) will be available. See you there!

All pierogi will be $1. 8-9 varieties will be served, as will Chicken Paprikash ($4 a bowl) and Vegetable Barley Soup ($3).

Pierogi Mountain

Band schedule (bands alternate between Cafe Bourbon Street and Summit)

6:30 - Will Foster and the Five Sliders

7 - Sex Tide

7:30 - The Kyle Sowashes

8 - Unmonumental

8:30 - Raw Pony

9 - The Bygones

9:30 - Hookers Made out of Cocaine

10 - Bloody Show

10:30 - Obnox

11 - Kill the Hippies

11:30 - M.O.T.O.

12 - Dance party and beer drinking the rest of the night featuring DJ Kevin Failure

DJ sets by Levitation and Scott & Erin Void in between bands