Party Like It's 2016: DIY holiday party décor

Kristen Schmidt, Columbus Alive

You basically need two things to make your casa look great for a holiday party, and they are Modge Podge and glitter. The peanut butter and jelly of DIY decorating are cheap and easy to find at craft stores.

Sparkling votives

We be-glittered some unscented votive candles by simply brushing Modge Podge ($1.70 for a small bottle, $1 for a foam craft brush) along the lower half or so of the glass and dusting glitter ($1.50-$3 per bottle) over the goo. We mixed things up by using a bottle of miniscule gold glitter and another of octagonal mixed-metallics glitter.

Glitter-bomb balloons

Turns out Modge Podge and glitter are good friends with balloons, too. We took a Pinterest suggestion and ran with it by blowing up iridescent ivory balloons ($3 for a dozen), painting Modge Podge around one end and, yep, dusting it with glitter. Try hanging several of these in a cluster by fishing line from a light fixture or ceiling fan (in the off position) or scattering them around your buffet table.

Tissue puff balls

Lastly, we tried tissue-paper puff balls, a Martha Stewart classic that's become ubiquitous at weddings. They are not easy, but they can be quite pretty.

To make them, stack several (8 to 10) sheets of tissue paper ($2.70-$4.30 per package). Fold them up along the narrow edge, accordion-style, making folds about 1 ½ inches wide, until you have one long folded strip. Tie a piece of fabric-wrapped floral wire ($2 for a small spool) around the middle. Using a very sharp pair of scissors, cut a half-circle or point into each end of the accordion strip. Then gently (gently!) pull each sheet of tissue paper away from the others, in a move that can only be called tszujing. If you have patience and a gentle touch, you will wind up with pretty puff balls that can be scattered on a buffet table, attached to a wall or hung from the ceiling or light fixtures. Keep it classy with a mix of gold, black and ivory paper.